Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> If you want to abandon cvsps2 users, that is perfectly fine by me.
> As long as cvsps3 and cvsimport-3 combo works, Git before this
> series will have a _working_ cvsimport as far as I am concerned.

The above obviously is "Git _after_ this series".

Git before this series that only has cvsps2 support may be broken
and Git after this series, when used with cvsps2, may be broken, but
is broken the same way as before, so it is not a net loss.

The users of distros that are slow to update cvsps can still use
cvsimport-3 with cvsps3 that is manually installed, and the users of
distros that ship cvsps3 will use cvsimport-3 and they can migrate
away from cvsps2's breakage.
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