John Keeping <>:
> > Ah.  OK, that is yet another bug inherited from 2.x - the code doesn't
> > match the documented (and correct) behavior.  Please send me a patch
> > against the cvsps repo, I'll merge it.
> Should now be in your inbox.

Received, merged, tested, and cvsps-3.10 has shipped.
> I think the only way to do it without needing to save local state in the
> Git repository would be to teach cvsps to read a table of refs and times
> from its stdin so that we could do something like:
>     git for-each-ref --format='%(refname)%09%(*authordate:raw)' refs/heads/ |
>     cvsps -i --branch-times-from-stdin |
>     git fast-import
> Then cvsps could create a hash table from this and use that to decide
> whether a patch set is interesting or not.

Agreed.  I considered implementing something quite this before thinking of
the ^0 hack.  But an out-of-band timestamp file is much simpler.
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