John Keeping <>:
> I also disagree that cvsps outputs commits *newer* than T since it will
> also output commits *at* T, which is what I changed with the patch in my
> previous message.

Ah.  OK, that is yet another bug inherited from 2.x - the code doesn't
match the documented (and correct) behavior.  Please send me a patch
against the cvsps repo, I'll merge it.

> Perhaps it is simplest to just save a CVS_LAST_IMPORT_TIME file in
> $GIT_DIR and not worry about it any more.

Yes, I think you're right. Trying to carry that information in-band would
probably doom us to all sorts of bug-prone complications.

Thanks for the good analysis.  I wish everybody I had to chase bugs with
could explain them with such clarity and concision.

Sigh. Now I have to figure out if cvsps's behavior can be rescued in Chris
Rorvick's recently-discovered failure case. I'm not optimistic.
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