James Nylen <jny...@gmail.com> writes:

> I just now saw these emails.  I'm having a hard time thinking of any
> good use case other than:
>  - add "fancylib" as a subtree of "myprog"
>  - commit to myprog repo: "fancylib: don't crash as much"
>  - split these commits back out to fancylib's main repo, and remove
> the "fancylib: " prefix

That does seem to me to be the common case, at least.

> You could potentially have something like "Don't crash as much
> (fancylib)" but that's awkward.  What might you want to do with a
> pattern-based rewrite that doesn't involve removing a prefix when
> splitting commits?

I'm not really sure.  I've never used --annotate in my own work.

> In fact, I don't see the use of the original --annotate option at all,
> since it causes more detailed commit messages in the smaller of the
> two repositories.

I'll have to look back through Avery's logs and see if I can puzzle out
why this was added.  If it's not useful, perhaps we can remove it before
migrating to mainline.

Junio, is there a policy for backward-compatability in contrib?  I hope
that since that directory is for stuff not yet in mainline, there is
some room to massage the user interface.

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