Rene Moser <> writes:

> Found a little issue in git version if a file named "-", causing
> "git commit" to read from stdin.
> (So you must hit ctrl-d or ctrl-c to finish the commit.)
> Everything looks ok to me after the commit. Other users reported to be
> fixed in but haven't it tested myself.
> This does not work:
> mkdir tmp && cd tmp;
> echo foo >./-;
> git init; git add .;
> git commit -m "is this a bug?"

This was fixed by Junio around 4682d85 (diff-index.c: "git diff" has no
need to read blob from the standard input, 2012-06-27), which is
included starting with v1.7.12 and the v1.7.11.3 maint release.  Please

Thomas Rast
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