Thomas Rast wrote:
> Rene Moser <m...@renemoser.net> writes:

>> Found a little issue in git version if a file named "-", causing
>> "git commit" to read from stdin.
>> (So you must hit ctrl-d or ctrl-c to finish the commit.)
> This was fixed by Junio around 4682d85 (diff-index.c: "git diff" has no
> need to read blob from the standard input, 2012-06-27), which is
> included starting with v1.7.12 and the v1.7.11.3 maint release.  Please
> upgrade.

Should upgrade-averse folks stuck on 1.7.10.y (like Debian 7.0, which
is currently in the release candidate stage) take this fix?  Do you
happen to know of any other fixes such people would want?

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