Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Thomas Rast wrote:
>> Rene Moser <> writes:
>>> Found a little issue in git version if a file named "-", causing
>>> "git commit" to read from stdin.
>>> (So you must hit ctrl-d or ctrl-c to finish the commit.)
> [...]
>> This was fixed by Junio around 4682d85 (diff-index.c: "git diff" has no
>> need to read blob from the standard input, 2012-06-27), which is
>> included starting with v1.7.12 and the v1.7.11.3 maint release.  Please
>> upgrade.
> Should upgrade-averse folks stuck on 1.7.10.y (like Debian 7.0, which
> is currently in the release candidate stage) take this fix?  Do you
> happen to know of any other fixes such people would want?

There are files with four dotted decimal numbers in their names in
the Documentation/RelNotes/ directory to help distro maintainers
like you to figure it want.

This is a tangent, but even with a project like git that is managed
with a good use of topic branch workflow, we may want to have a way
to reliably identify the tip of an ancient fix like this.  People
may be able to bisect down to 4682d85, and in this particular case,
I happen to know that there wasn't any side-effect breakage
introduced by that commit, but there needs to be an easy way (it
can be expensive to compute) to make sure there is no follow-up fix
to that particular commit.

I can read "git rev-list --parents | grep -C3 $(git rev-parse 4682d85)"
and then figure out what the children commits of that fix are, of
course, but I suspect most people will view it as primitive ;-)
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