Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> Is the problem that "deprecated" is not precise enough?  For example,
>> would it make sense to say "deprecated synonym for `upstream`.  Will
>> be dropped in git 2.1" or something like that?
> Also, if we plan to remove support soon, we should start warning when
> this setting is encountered so people know to update their
> configuration.

I do not think this even needs to be removed.

We deprecate something for one of two reasons. One is when it was a
bad idea to support it, and we would want to remove the support
eventually.  This needs a migration plan.

The other is when there are better ways available but we do not want
to break the old way.  We still do not want to encourage the old way
to new users.

The change from 'upstream' from 'tracking' is the latter.  The
wording will confuse new users when they want to learn what
'tracking' as a concept is, and it is better spelt 'upstream'.  But
the breakage is not serious enough to warrant forcing an old timer
who can explain these two concepts to newbies when needed to update
his configuration files he is not planning to show to newbies.
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