Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> That is why I tend to prefer how check-ref-format documentation
>> describes --print:
>>         --normalize::
>>                 Normalize 'refname' by removing any leading slash (`/`)
>>                 characters and collapsing runs of adjacent slashes between
>>                 name components into a single slash.  Iff the normalized
>>                 refname is valid then print it to standard output and exit
>>                 with a status of 0.  (`--print` is a deprecated way to spell
>>                 `--normalize`.)
> That works because, as you mention, the usual way to look up an option
> in manpages is to search for "--print", including the two minus signs.
> Unfortunately an analagous approach in gitconfig(5) would be seriously
> broken, because searching for "tracking" (no minus signs) is going to
> hit many false positives.  I do not think such a change would be an
> improvement.

I thought your example was that you saw "pull.default = tracking"
and wondering what it is.  Why do you need global search for
"tracking", not just near pull.default is described, in the first
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