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Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 8:04 PM
Junio C Hamano wrote:

                                                     For those who
want to _learn_ what possibilities are available to them (i.e. they
are not going from `tracking` to what it means, but going in the
opposite direction), it should be unmistakingly clear that
`tracking` is not a part of the choices they should make.

Until pre-1.7.4 versions of git fall out of use, I don't agree that
the above is true. :(

                                                           I do not
think the following list created by a simple "revert" makes it clear.

    * `nothing` - do not push anything.
* `matching` - push all branches having the same name in both ends.
    * `upstream` - push the current branch to ...
    * `simple` - like `upstream`, but refuses to ...
    * `tracking` - deprecated synonym for `upstream`.

From a simple user perspective, I'd simply place it, in brackets and at
the end of the list.

e.g.     [* `tracking` - deprecated synonym for `upstream`.]

The leading bracket makes it obvious that it's different, and that the description needs to be read, rather than folk simply re-using a half remembered option, gleaned from an old blog.

However formatting the leading bracket may not be as easy as the plain text version.

* `current` - push the current branch to a branch of the same name.

How about the following?

   * `nothing` - ...
   * `matching` - ...
   * `upstream` - ...
   * `simple` - ...
   * `current` - ...

 For compatibility with ancient config files, the following synonym
 is also supported.  Don't use it.

   * `tracking` - old name for `upstream`

? s/old/deprecated/ or s/old/outdated/ for those who don't understand the jargon.
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