Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Junio C Hamano wrote:

>>>                                                      For those who
>>> want to _learn_ what possibilities are available to them (i.e. they
>>> are not going from `tracking` to what it means, but going in the
>>> opposite direction), it should be unmistakingly clear that
>>> `tracking` is not a part of the choices they should make.
>> Until pre-1.7.4 versions of git fall out of use, I don't agree that
>> the above is true. :(
> The documentation ships with the version that the above is true.  We
> are not making an update to documentation that comes with ancient
> versions.

Part of the context that I should have mentioned but didn't is that it
is common to put $HOME on a shared filesystem.

>> How about the following?
>>     * `nothing` - ...
>>     * `matching` - ...
>>     * `upstream` - ...
>>     * `simple` - ...
>>     * `current` - ...
>>   For compatibility with ancient config files, the following synonym
>>   is also supported.  Don't use it.
>>     * `tracking` - old name for `upstream`
> Didn't I say I am fine to mention it "as a side note" in the
> original message you started responding to?

Yes, I understood what you were proposing and I directly disagreed
with it and explained why.

The above is something like a compromise --- more precisely, it is an
attempt to do something better than a straight revert and to
understand whether it would address your objection.  Clearly it
doesn't.  I don't understand why.

Perhaps the "Don't use it" is over the top and that is your complaint?
It's true that if I were writing it without your objection in mind, I
wouldn't have included that sentence.  It was written on the
assumption that you want to discourage people from using the
"tracking" synonym --- I am not personally convinced that that is
worth discouraging at all, but it's fine with me if the consensus is
to do so.

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