> Good point. Unfortunately, I can't get either yours or mine to fail,
> neither with a recent version of gcc nor with gcc-4.1.  But I can't
> convince git to fail, either. The only gcc-4.1 I have is Debian's
> 4.1.3 release, which is not quite what the OP has.
> > Or perhaps something in the build process went wrong, and fetch.c didn't
> > get the memo about the new field in the struct.  Depending on stack
> > layout, the next variable might be the 'int i' right before the
> > 'string_list list' in the code, which could explain the value of 1.
> Yeah, that would make sense to me with respect to the behavior we are
> seeing, but that part of the Makefile should be pretty simple and
> bug-free, I'd think (and from the original report, it seems like he was
> able to reproduce it well enough to bisect). Still, trying a "make clean
> && make" might be worth it just to rule that out.
> Puzzled...
> -Peff

Hi, all,

Thomas's test code also returns "cmp is 0". 
But "make clean && make" fixes my issue.

Sorry for the noise I made.
But usually when I build upstream Linux kernel, I don't do "make clean" after 
git pull.. 
I didn't expect that I needed "make clean" for git build. Thanks you guys.

Best regards,

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