Junio C Hamano<gits...@pobox.com> wrote :
> 허종만 writes:
>> But usually when I build upstream Linux kernel, I don't do "make
>> clean" after git pull..  I didn't expect that I needed "make
>> clean" for git build.
> We don't expect anybody need "make clean", either.  There is
> something wrong in the dependency.

Hi all,

I can reproduce the issue in my machine (RedHat Enterprise 5, x86 PAE) as 
But in my different machine (Fedora 16 x86) I can't reproduce.

  $ git reset --hard v1.8.1       # back to v1.8.1
  $ make clean 
  $ make all install               # this git works fine

  $ git pull                          # top commit 9a6c84e6, "Merge 
  $ make all install

  $ git fetch                         # this git segfaults
  Segmentation fault

So if there is any patch to test, just let me know  (but will not available 
during weekend).

Jongman Heo

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