On Fri, Feb 01, 2013 at 09:14:41AM +0000, Jongman Heo wrote:

> I can reproduce the issue in my machine (RedHat Enterprise 5, x86 PAE) as 
> follows. 

Great, thanks for taking the time to reproduce.

> But in my different machine (Fedora 16 x86) I can't reproduce.

That makes me wonder if it is related to the gcc or make version. I
couldn't reproduce the problem on my gcc-4.1 system, though. My make is:

  $ make --version
  GNU Make 3.81

>   $ git reset --hard v1.8.1       # back to v1.8.1
>   $ make clean 
>   $ make all install               # this git works fine

After this step, what does builtin/.depend/fetch.o.d contain? It should
show a dependency of builtin/fetch.o on string-list (among other

>   $ git pull                          # top commit 9a6c84e6, "Merge 
> git://ozlabs.org/~paulus/gitk"
>   $ make all install

Can you try running "make -d builtin/fetch.o" here instead of "make all
install"? Can you confirm that it reads builtin/.depend/fetch.o, and
that fetch.o gets rebuilt (you should even be able to see the list of
"newer than" dependencies in the debug output)?

Another thing to double-check: does it work if you instead run



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