Jongman Heo <> writes:

> Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> Jongman Heo wrote:
>>> Unfortunately, the patch didn't help to me.
>>Thanks for testing.  Did you apply the patch to the older version of
>>git that generates builtin/.depend/fetch.o.d or the newer version that
>>consumes it?
> Hi, Jonathan,
> I applied the patch to newer version. 
> This time, I tried to apply the patch to older version of Makefile, and now 
> the issue is fixed~. 
> Thanks~!

Yeah, that result is understandable, as .depend/*.o.d files will not
be rebuilt when the rules to build them changes in the Makefile.
Applying the patch to the Makefile in the pristine old tree, run the
build (which will generate .depend/*.o.d files with the corrected
rules), then checking out the new tree and running the build again
without "make clean", with or with the patch applied, would validate
that the patch fixes the issue for old ccache.

Thanks Jonathan for diagnosing, fixing, and thanks Jongman for
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