Ted Zlatanov <t...@lifelogs.com> writes:

> MM> [...] so the way to go for send-email is probably to libify the
> MM> credential support in git-remote-mediawiki, and to use it in send-email.
> I looked and that's indeed very useful.  If it's put in a library, I'd
> use credential_read() and credential_write() in my netrc credential
> helper.  But I would formalize it a little more about the token names
> and output,

Can you elaborate on this? The idea of the Perl code was to mimick a
call to the C API, keeping essentially the same names.

> and I wouldn't necessarily die() on error. 

Sure, die()ing in a library is bad.

> Maybe this can be merged with the netrc credential helper's
> read_credential_data_from_stdin() and print_credential_data()?

I don't know about the netrc credential helper, but I guess that's
another layer. The git-remote-mediawiki code is the code to call the
credential C API, that in turn may (or may not) call a credential

> Let me know if you'd like me to libify this...  I'm happy to leave it to
> Matthieu or Michal, or anyone else interested.

I'd happily let you do the job, but I can help if needed. One thing to
be careful about: git-remote-mediawiki is currently a standalone script,
so it can be installed with a plain "cp git-remote-mediawiki $somewhere/".
One consequence of libification is that it adds a dependency on the
library (e.g. Git.pm). We should be carefull to keep it easy for the
user to install it (e.g. some kind of "make install", or update the doc).

Matthieu Moy
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