On Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 04:08:52PM -0500, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

> >> That would create the following possibilities:
> >> 
> >> * host example.com:31337, protocol https
> >> * host example.com:31337, protocol unspecified
> >> * host example.com, protocol https
> >> * host example.com, protocol unspecified
> JK> Possibilities for .netrc, or for git? Git will always specify the
> JK> protocol.
> Possibilities for the netrc data.  How clever do we want to be with
> taking 31337 and mapping it to the "protocol"?  My preference is to be
> very simple here.

I think simple is OK, as we can iterate on it as specific use-cases come
up. The important thing is to make sure we err on the side of "does not
match" and not "oops, we accidentally sent your plaintext credentials to
the wrong server".

> Currently, we map both the "port" and "protocol" netrc tokens to the
> credential helper protocol's "protocol".  So this will have undefined
> results.  To do what you specify could be pretty simple: we could do a
> preliminary scan of the tokens, looking for "host X port Y" where Y is
> an integer, and rewriting the host to be "X:Y".  That would be clean and
> simple, unless the user breaks it with "host x:23 port 22".  Let me know
> if you agree and I'll do.

Yeah, I think that is simple and obvious. If the user is saying "host
x:23 port 22", that is nonsensical.

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