On Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 03:28:52PM -0500, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

> JK> You might want to map this to "port" in .autoinfo separately if it's
> JK> available.
> That would create the following possibilities:
> * host example.com:31337, protocol https
> * host example.com:31337, protocol unspecified
> * host example.com, protocol https
> * host example.com, protocol unspecified

Possibilities for .netrc, or for git? Git will always specify the

> How would you like each one to be handled?  My preference would be to
> make the user say "host example.com:31337" in the netrc file (the
> current situation); that's what we do in Emacs and it lets applications
> request credentials for a logical service no matter what the port is.
> It means that example.com credentials won't be used for
> example.com:31337.  In practice, that has not been a problem for us.

Yeah, I think that is a good thing. The credentials used for
example.com:31337 are not necessarily the same as for the main site.
It's less convenient, but a more secure default.

What I was more wondering (and I know very little about .netrc, so this
might not be a possibility at all) is a line like:

  host example.com port 5001 protocol https username foo password bar

To match git's representation on a token-by-token basis, you would have
to either split out git's "host:port" pair, or combine the .netrc's
representation to "example.com:5001".

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