Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Jonathan Nieder <> writes:
>>> Isn't that a criticism of the git-shell-commands facility in general?
>>> If it is common to have a lot of users with distinct home directories
>>> but all with git-shell as their login shell, then the
>>> git-shell-commands should not go in their home directory to begin
>>> with, no?
>> You can give one set of commands to some users while restricting
>> others, no?
> Yes, I assume one goal of the current design was to let you set up
> multiple configurations by making multiple home directories.

Even if the site configures its 47 git-shell users to share the same
home directory /home/gituser, I still think it is a bad design to
force the administrator to create a directory in it, only to add a
script called "help".

The purpose of the directory is to keep custom commands that are
allowed.  If the site administrator does not want any command, it
would be more natural to expect that the way to disable them would
be _not_ to have that directory which is a collection of allowed
commands.  Adding that directory and add a "help" that exits with
non-zero feels quite a roundabout and counter-intuitive way, no?

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