On 2019-08-09 at 13:51:49, Jeff King wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 02:43:18PM +0200, SZEDER Gábor wrote:
> > But there is an other subtlety here: when I read the commit message
> > saying "patch that touches a path ending in ".gitattributes"." and saw
> > the new call to strip_path_suffix(), I immediately thought what would
> > happen with a file called 'foo.gitattributes'.  Only when I looked
> > into strip_path_suffix() became it clear that it only removes full
> > path components, so such a filename won't cause any trouble (though
> > perhaps the worst thing that could happen is that we unnecessarily
> > flush the attributes cache).
> Right. I think the term we want here is really "basename". So in fact:
>   if (!strcmp(basename(patch->new_name), GITATTRIBUTES_FILE))
> would do what we want, except for the annoying caveat that basename() is
> allowed to modify its parameter (to remove trailing directory
> separators, but we know we wouldn't have them here).

I think this is exactly the function I'm looking for. I'm a little
uncomfortable relying on the fact that typical implementations don't
modify the string when there's no trailing slash, though.

I think I'm going to end up refactoring out the strip_path_suffix
function into a has_path_suffix and use that. That will avoid the
allocation and it doesn't rely on the generosity of OS implementers.
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