Emily Shaffer <emilyshaf...@google.com> writes:

>> > +NOTE
>> > +----
>> > +Bug reports can be sent to git@vger.kernel.org.
>> I am not sure if this belongs here.
> Sure, I wasn't certain either. Would you rather I remove the "what to do
> with this bugreport" NOTE section entirely?

Not really.  You are invoking an editor to let the user edit the
pre-populated report, and I would imagine that a comment in that
file would be the best place to give instructions, not a manpage
for "git bugreport" command.

> So, what's your suggestion? Not to check the output at all? (This may
> actually be fine; it occurred to me while reading your review that if a
> user is filing a bug report about something, one of the diagnostic
> commands in bugreport might be what's broken for them. So perhaps it
> should be tolerant to missing information...)


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