Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com> writes:

> Html documents will be installed to root dir (/) no matter what prefix
> is set, if run these commands before `make` and `make install-html`:
>     $ make configure
>     $ ./configure --prefix=<PREFIX>
> After the installation, all the html documents will copy to rootdir (/),
> and:
>     $ git --html-path
>     <PREFIX>
>     $ git help -w something
>     fatal: '<PREFIX>': not a documentation directory.

I am not sure if this description is correct.  The generated configure
seems to set


so it is likely you would get not <PREFIX> but <PREFIX>/share, no?

In the main Makefile, we set htmldir to "share/doc/git-doc" and that
is supposed to be relative to PREFIX, so the above will be wrong in
multiple ways (it is an absolute path with <PREFIX>/ in front, and
it ends not with share/doc/git-doc but with share/doc/git).

And the worst part is that having to know that the file needs to
export docdir and PACKAGE_TARNAME feels to me that we are tying
ourselves to too much detail in the internal implementation detail
of versions of autoconf we happen to have for testing this change.

I am inclined to suggest that we probably should

 * revert fc1c5415d69d (Honor configure's htmldir switch,
   2013-02-02); and

 * fix generated "./configure --help" not to suggest that --htmldir
   can be overriden from its command line;

instead of piling on a broken "fix" like this one top of it.
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