2013/2/20 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
> Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:
>>> After the installation, all the html documents will copy to rootdir (/),
>>> and:
>>>     $ git --html-path
>>>     <PREFIX>
>>>     $ git help -w something
>>>     fatal: '<PREFIX>': not a documentation directory.
>> I am not sure if this description is correct.  The generated configure
>> seems to set
>>       datarootdir='${prefix}/share'
>>       htmldir='${docdir}'
>>       docdir='${datarootdir}/doc/${PACKAGE_TARNAME}'
>> so it is likely you would get not <PREFIX> but <PREFIX>/share, no?
> This was a mis-diag; without docdir mentioned in config.mak.in, we
> do not even get that far, and htmldir will end up being empty, and
> the runtime code adds <PREFIX> to it in system_path().  What I was
> describing was what happens when you only mention @docdir@ but not
> PACKAGE_TARNAME in the file.

I also doubt about it after sleep, so I check it again:

    ## gettext is installed in non-standard location on Mac
    $ export CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include; export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib
    $ make config
    $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/git/v1.8.2
    $ make && sudo make install
    ## already symlink /opt/git/v1.8.2/bin/* to /usr/local/bin/
    $ git --html-path
    $ git help -w help
    fatal: '/opt/git/v1.8.2/': not a documentation directory.

>> And the worst part is that having to know that the file needs to
>> export docdir and PACKAGE_TARNAME feels to me that we are tying
>> ourselves to too much detail in the internal implementation detail
>> of versions of autoconf we happen to have for testing this change.

I am not familiar with autoconf. After clone autoconf and check,
I cannot find a neat way to change "htmldir" default location to
use ${datarootdir} (just like mandir).
In file "lib/autoconf/general.m4", there are:

    AC_SUBST([docdir],         [m4_ifset([AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME],
    AC_SUBST([htmldir],        ['${docdir}'])dnl
    AC_SUBST([pdfdir],         ['${docdir}'])dnl
    AC_SUBST([mandir],         ['${datarootdir}/man'])dnl

> This still stands. It really feels wrong that this file has to be
> aware of such an implementation detail of autoconf.  But as an
> interim workaround, setting these two otherwise unused variables may
> be the best we could do.
> I am not sure if such a layout can be actually used for installing,
> though.  Didn't we see some issues around the relativeness of
> htmldir and mandir vs passing them down to Documentation/Makefile,
> or is it not an issue when ./configure and config.mak.autogen is
> used?


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