On 02/20/2013 02:39 AM, Jiang Xin wrote:
> [SNIP]
> I am not familiar with autoconf. After clone autoconf and check,
> I cannot find a neat way to change "htmldir" default location to
> use ${datarootdir} (just like mandir).
This one-line change should be enough to do what you want:

  diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
  index 1991258..2bfbec9 100644
  --- a/configure.ac
  +++ b/configure.ac
  @@ -149,6 +149,8 @@ AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR([git.c])

  +AC_SUBST([htmldir], ['${datarootdir}'])

   # Directories holding "saner" versions of common or POSIX binaries.

Not sure whether this a good idea though (I haven't really followed the
discussion); but it is easily doable.

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