Mike Gorchak <mike.gorchak....@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
>> Here is a small patch with QNX build improvements:
>> 1) Rename tar.h to tar_git.h. Latest QNX versions have system tar.h
>> header according to
>> http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009696699/basedefs/tar.h.html ,
>> to avoid inclusion of another tar.h, original header was renamed.
>> 2) Rename fnmatch.h to fnmatch_gnu.h and fnmatch.c to fnmatch_gnu.c to
>> avoid inclusion of system fnmatch.h header in case if -I/usr/include
>> path is specified before -Icompat/fnmatch. Which is common situation.
>> 3) pager.c - default "less" invocation flags were changed for QNX 6,x
>> platform, since QNX has incompatible with GNU coreutils version of
>> "less" utility.
>> 4) config.mak.uname - a) do not override mkdtemp/mkstemps/strcasestr
>> detection, since newer QNX version could contain such functions. Let
>> to configure decide what is present in the system. b) getpagesize()
>> function is existing under QNX, c) QNX has pthread functions in the
>> libc, so do not define NO_PTHREAD macro.
> Sorry, in the previous post the patch was not inlined.

First on the form.  The message lacks a proper commit log message
and a sign-off.  Please check Documentation/SubmittingPatches and
also compare the message I am responding to with recent patch
submission messages from other people on the list.

As to the substance, I am fairly negative about the approach this
patch takes, especially the rationale it uses for #2 above.  It goes
directly against the spirit of having compat/ directory in the first
place to have -I/usr/include _before_ -Icompat/anything and that,
not the names of header files in compat/ directory, is the root
cause of the problem you are seeing, I think.
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