> Is there a point to the version checking?  I don't know that anyone
> has tried to build Git on QNX 4, so adding a case for it seems
> misleading.

getpagesize() was introduced in QNX 6.4.1, it is present in QNX 6.5.0
also. So at least for this version checking is requied.

> I didn't realize that QNX 6.3.2 provided getpagesize.  Its header
> files don't provide a prototype, so when I saw the warning, I assumed
> it wasn't available.  Since NO_GETPAGESIZE is only used by QNX, if
> it's OK to reintroduce the warning, NO_GETPAGESIZE might as well be
> removed entirely.

David asked to leave NO_GETPAGESIZE for other platform.

> I don't think it's a good idea to just enable thread support.  On QNX,
> once a process creates a thread, fork stops working.  This breaks
> commands that create threads and then try to run other programs, such
> as "git fetch" with an https remote.  If threads are enabled, I think
> that the uses of fork need to be audited and, if they can be called
> after a thread is created, fixed.

Do you have a testcase for this (without using git codebase)? I wrote
numerous resource managers since QNX 6.0 using threads and fork()s for
daemonization in different order and never experienced a problems.
There can be issues with pipes in case of external command run.
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