On 24/02/13 14:58, W. Trevor King wrote:
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:06:00PM +0000, Philip Oakley wrote:
  OBSOLETE_HTML = git-remote-helpers.html
+OBSOLETE_HTML = everyday.html
+OBSOLETE_HTML = user-manual.html

Should be '+=' instead of '='.

Well spotted. That maybe part of why my make of the documentation failed.

Though the 'new' giteveryday gituser-manual don't build as man pages, so I may simply leave them with their old make process - If I understand correctly they are in the right place and just need the 'git' prefix.

However I'm biased by my Msysgit/G4W experience which always assumes --web and fires up the HTML version so there may be issues with the plain .txt version attempting to be displayed as a man page if it doesn't follow the format. (my linux laptop was a repair of a 'scrapper')

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