Philip Oakley <> writes:

> On 25/02/13 05:29, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> ...
>> In other words, can't you change the side that launches the document
>> viewer so that we do not have to rename anything in the first place?
> The current help code will only show either 'git-<cmd>' man pages, or
> git<guide>' pages so the current everyday and user-manual pages aren't
> served by the existing help code.

That is exactly what I meant by "the side that launches the document
viewer".  We obviously would not want to type

        $ git help gituser-manual
        $ git help giteveryday

I was wondering if you can keep document names as-is, register these
names without "git" prefix (i.e. "user-manual.html") to the list of
guide documents you are generating and compiling into the binary,
and let the user ask:

        $ git help everyday

which you would turn into "browser %s/%s.html" % (GIT_HTML_PATH, 'everyday'),
after checking "everyday" is one of the guides that are available to us.

If some guides are already named with git prefix, you can keep them
in the compiled-in list with that name.  We do not have to worry
about redirects and people's bookmarks if we can avoid renaming
existing pages, so "because grabbing everything with git* glob was
easier to write the generate-guidelist script" is a false economy.
That is the single place we can afford to spend extra effort to make
the end result easier to use by the users, no?

Or am I misreading the series completely?
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