On 26/02/13 00:04, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Philip Oakley <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

On 25/02/13 05:29, Junio C Hamano wrote:
In other words, can't you change the side that launches the document
viewer so that we do not have to rename anything in the first place?

The current help code will only show either 'git-<cmd>' man pages, or
git<guide>' pages so the current everyday and user-manual pages aren't
served by the existing help code.

That is exactly what I meant by "the side that launches the document
viewer".  We obviously would not want to type

        $ git help gituser-manual
         $ git help giteveryday
Neither do I...

I was wondering if you can keep document names as-is, register these
names without "git" prefix (i.e. "user-manual.html")

I don't register them at all. I'm simply gathering a list of common guides in the array so that I can show that list as a 'usage' list, in exactly the same manner as the common commands list is used when 'git help' [ no options] is typed.

  to the list of
guide documents you are generating and compiling into the binary,
and let the user ask:

        $ git help everyday

This is the existing way.
'git help tutorial' will display the gittutorial.txt man page - Note the git prefix is required by the code.

It is interesting to note that 'git help k' and 'git help gitk' produce the same response, while gitk can't be a common-command because it doesn't have a dashed form so isn't picked up by the script ;-)

which you would turn into "browser %s/%s.html" % (GIT_HTML_PATH, 'everyday'),
after checking "everyday" is one of the guides that are available to us.

If some guides are already named with git prefix, you can keep them
in the compiled-in list with that name.  We do not have to worry
about redirects and people's bookmarks if we can avoid renaming
existing pages, so "because grabbing everything with git* glob was
easier to write the generate-guidelist script" is a false economy.

I was hoping to avoid more special casing of special files for special purposes..
That is the single place we can afford to spend extra effort to make
the end result easier to use by the users, no?
It could be done.

Or am I misreading the series completely?
Yes, I think so (in terms of my starting point and approach).

I was using the existing common-commands approach _just_ to display a 'usage' string of common guides. so that new users would be informed of their presence, and then they would use the existing command 'git help <guide>' to read about it (see also patch 2/13).

It was just unfortunate that the user-manual and everyday didn't fit the existing naming pattern causing the writing of patch 8 & 9 et seq to sort the renames to fit the pattern (just like git-remote-helpers)

Also, I think it's the user-manual, one of the files doesn't fit the 'man page' style required by the MAN7 list in Documentation/Makefile, so that's another potential complication I need to bottom out - most likely keep it 'as is' in the Makefile and check that the Help command will display it properly if done that way.

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