> >>
> >> Git subtree ignores tags from the remote repo.
> >>
> >
> > is that a design decision or a case of "not implemented yet"
> I'm not sure. If you imported all the tags from all your subtrees
> repos, you could easily end up with duplicate tags from different
> repos. They could be namespaced, but there is no concept of namespace
> in git-subtree. That even assumes that you can tag a subtree (I've
> not
> tried).

Ok, I can understand that you don't want to import tags for namespace reason, 
but in that case shouldn't 
git subtree add refuse to create a subtree when the tag isn't a commit

or if it allows it, what would be the gracefull way to handle that ?

i'm quite new to git's internals, so I don't really know if/what the right 
approch would be.

note that all those problems seems to disapear when squash is not used
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