> I think I tried adding the ^{} syntax, but I don't think it works on
> remote repos. Or I couldn't get the right syntax.

indeed, it doesn't work on fetch, but it could be used somewhere between the 
fetch and the commit-tree to move from the ref to the associated commit

> Latest patch:
>   http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/217257

oh, that patch, yes I found it while looking around it is a step in the right 
direction but it doesn't help in my case since i'm using a valid remote ref 
that can be fetched

(on a side note you could use git ls-remote to check for the remote ref and 
avoid a fetch in case of an incorrect ref, but that's just a detail)

I just tested with it and here is what happens

git subtree add --squash -P br2 git://git.buildroot.net/buildroot 2013.02 => 
works ok, br2 is created

however the message of the squash commit is 

    Squashed 'br2/' content from commit f1d2c19
    git-subtree-dir: br2
    git-subtree-split: f1d2c19091e1c2ef803ec3267fe71cf6ce7dd948

which is not correct :

git ls-remote git://git.buildroot.net/buildroot 2013.02
f1d2c19091e1c2ef803ec3267fe71cf6ce7dd948        refs/tags/2013.02

git ls-remote git://git.buildroot.net/buildroot 2013.02^{}
15ace1a845c9e7fc65b648bbaf4dd14e03d938fd        refs/tags/2013.02^{}

as you can see git subtee thinks it splited from the tag SHA instead of the 
tag's commit SHA

this is incorrect because the tag isn't here, and at split time git subtree 
won't be able to find the correct ancestor. We just need to make sure we use 
the tag's commit instead
of the tag

in cmd_add_repository

seems to fix it, both for remote branch pull and remote tag pull

we still have a bug lurking around it's the case where the user does the fetch 
himself then use subtree add with a tag SHA. but let's discuss problems one at 
a time :)

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