On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Jeremy Rosen <jeremy.ro...@openwide.fr> wrote:
>> >
>> > Ok, I can understand that you don't want to import tags for
>> > namespace reason, but in that case shouldn't
>> > git subtree add refuse to create a subtree when the tag isn't a
>> > commit
>> It shouldn't and tries not to, but is limited in it's ability to
>> identify if a refspec points to a commit or not in the remote repo.
> ok, i've studied a little more
> * the target for "git subtree add <url> <refspec> can only be a remote branch 
> or tag, since we git fetch
> can only target remote refs.
> * in case of a branch, git subtree forgets the branch and only use the commit 
> linked to the branch. for
> tags, the fetch part is ok, it's the merge part that fail. adding ^{} at the 
> right place would probably fix that

I think I tried adding the ^{} syntax, but I don't think it works on
remote repos. Or I couldn't get the right syntax.

>> I've posted a patch (which is pending a lot of other changes to
>> git-subtree that I'm corralling) that tries to prevent some obvious
>> errors in the refspec. But letting the git fetch used by git-subtree
>> add and git-subtree pull catch the error and report it may be the
>> best
>> option.
> that's interesting... do you have a link ?

Latest patch:


Prior patch with comments from Junio on what was probably going on
with the old tests:


>> I've never really tried using --squash, I don't see that it adds any
>> value for me.
> my project has a git subtree for a linux kernel and another subtree for 
> buildroot,
> a default .git is about 1.5G, squashing it reduces it to 200M so it's worth 
> it for me :)

If disk space is the issue, or bandwidth for initial cloning, then
sure, but I thought Git was efficient enough that a large repo
wouldn't give much of a performance hit.  Unless you use git-subtree
split or push, they are slow.

If git-subtree split could be optimised then --squash wouldn't be
needed as much. It does take an age compared to other Git operations.

Paul [W] Campbell
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