PS: Just as a side note, I should mention that I have done tons of rebases on 
various repositories on this very machine: same hard drive, same file system; 
the git version of course has changed over time, but as I already described, I 
can reproduce the same issue with older git versions.

All I want to say here is: While this may of course be a bug of OS X or my 
machine may be faulty or whatever, it is not as if this issue is occurring all 
over the place. It is so far somehow specific to this repository, or even the 
particular branch. So it is probably not something as simple as a faulty clock, 
because then I should be seeing rebases fail all over the place, right? (Hm, 
OK, admittedly I didn't try any other big rebases in the last couple days. And 
right now I have no good example at hand, i.e. a non-trivial branch that 
cleanly rebases to some other branch)

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