On 3/11/13, Max Horn <m...@quendi.de> wrote:
> PS: Just as a side note, I should mention that I have done tons of rebases
> on various repositories on this very machine: same hard drive, same file
> system; the git version of course has changed over time, but as I already
> described, I can reproduce the same issue with older git versions.

What if you do a "git clone" from this repo to an entirely new repo? I
wonder if the rebase issue still happens in the new repo...

Could you also post the .git/config file from the repo?

If supported, git could actually make use of threading when doing
"stat"... it should be disabled by default though, but you could try
disabling it with this config:
    git config core.preloadindex false

But I don't know why that'd only affect this one repo and not the
others though...
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