On 11.03.2013, at 23:54, Andrew Wong wrote:

> On 3/11/13, Max Horn <m...@quendi.de> wrote:
>> Looking at the git config man page to check what each of my config settings
>> does, I discovered "trustctime". And adding
>>      trustctime = false
>> to .git/config made the rebase work, every single time. Huh.
>> Adding this to the fact that a clone works fine, I wonder if  something *is*
>> touching my files, but just in that directory. But what could it be? One
>> nagging suspicion is the "file versioning" feature Apple introduced as part
>> of Time Machine in OS X 10.7; it's kind of a "version control system for
>> n00bs" for arbitrary documents. It has caused me some pain in the past.
>> But I just re-checked, and problematic repos is explicitly on the Time
>> Machine exclusion list. I also used the "tmutil isexcluded FILES" to verify
>> that the problematic files are really on the TM exclusion list. Finally, I
>> moved the one of the repos subdirectory containing most of the problematic
>> files, and then run "git checkout". In other instances, this sufficed to
>> "disassociate" a file from an unwanted TM version history. But doing that
>> had no effect here, i.e. also with the freshly regenerated files, the
>> problems appear.
> Would you be able to turn off Time Machine completely and do a few
> tests? If it does works, then it becomes a matter of fixing Time
> Machine...

sudo launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.revisiond.plist

-> this exits revisiond, and prevents launchd from respawning it. After that, 
the problem is gone, on several attempts. And once I reactivate revisions, the 
problem reoccurs.

So it seems pretty clear what the cause of this is. Now I still need to figure 
out why it affects that particular repository and not others. But at this point 
I guess it is safe to say that Apple's auto-crap-magic revisiond is the root of 
the problem, and git is purely a victim. So I'll stop spamming this list with 
this issue for now, and see if I can figure out a fix that is less invasive 
than turning off revisiond completely (which some application rely on, so 
disabling it may break them badly).

Andrew, thank you very much for your persistent guidance and help. I definitely 
owe you a beverage-of-your-choice ;-).

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