On 03/11/13 20:29, Max Horn wrote:
> sudo launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.revisiond.plist
> -> this exits revisiond, and prevents launchd from respawning it. After that, 
> the problem is gone, on several attempts. And once I reactivate revisions, 
> the problem reoccurs.
> So it seems pretty clear what the cause of this is. Now I still need to 
> figure out why it affects that particular repository and not others. But at 
> this point I guess it is safe to say that Apple's auto-crap-magic revisiond 
> is the root of the problem, and git is purely a victim. So I'll stop spamming 
> this list with this issue for now, and see if I can figure out a fix that is 
> less invasive than turning off revisiond completely (which some application 
> rely on, so disabling it may break them badly).
> Andrew, thank you very much for your persistent guidance and help. I 
> definitely owe you a beverage-of-your-choice ;-).
Awesome! I was starting to worry that we'd never figure out what the
issue is. Good thing you know your way around OS X and its debugging
tools. :)

Maybe drop an email if you figure out what's causing revisiond to be so
persistent about those specific files. Might help any who run into
similar issues in the future.

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