Jeff King <> writes:

> We didn't seem to be testing this transition at all. I think it's sane
> to do so now, and Junio's "now it is 2.0, let's switch" patch should
> update the test.

Yes, but I am not sure if this is testing the right thing.

> +# Note that this is scheduled to change in Git 2.0, when
> +# "git add -u" will become full-tree by default.
> +test_expect_success 'update did not touch files at root' '
> +     cat >expect <<-\EOF &&
> +     check
> +     top
> +     EOF
> +     git diff-files --name-only >actual &&
> +     test_cmp expect actual
> +'

The last "git add -u" we have beforet his block is this test piece:

 test_expect_success 'update from a subdirectory' '
                cd dir1 &&
                echo more >sub2 &&
                git add -u sub2

That is not "git add -u" without pathspec, which is the only thing
we are transitioning at Git 2.0 boundary.

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