Erik Faye-Lund <> writes:

>> I wonder whether we want to have something like this instead:
>>         flags = CURL_GLOBAL_ALL;
>>         if (prefixcmp(url, "https:"))
>>                 flags &= ^CURL_GLOBAL_SSL;
>>         curl_global_init(flags);
>> I do see that CURL_GLOBAL_ALL is #define'd as CURL_GLOBAL_WIN32 |
>> CURL_GLOBAL_SSL in curl.h, but that might change in the future, no?
> Good suggestion. But perhaps we'd want to use CURL_GLOBAL_DEFAULT
> instead?

That as a follow-up suggestion may be fine but if you go that route,
you would need to explicitly flip SSL on when you know it is going
to an SSL destination.

The way to determine SSL-ness has to be rock solid and that is much
more important than ALL vs DEFAULT.  Is prefixcmp(url, "https://";)
the right way to do so?  Do we use this codepath only for HTTPS, or
does anybody use other protocol cURL supports over SSL with this,
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