On Thu, 14 Mar 2013, Junio C Hamano wrote:

As to ALL vs DEFAULT, given that its manual page is riddled with a scary warning:

   This function must be called at least once within a program (a
   program is all the code that shares a memory space) before the
   program calls any other function in libcurl. The environment it sets
   up is constant for the life of the program and is the same for every
   program, so multiple calls have the same effect as one call.  ... In
   normal operation, you must specify CURL_GLOBAL_ALL. Don't use any
   other value unless you are familiar with it and mean to control
   internal operations of libcurl.

(speaking from a libcurl perspective)

The "warning" is just there to scare people into actually consider what they want and understand that removing bits will change behavior. I would say that's exactly what you've done and I don't think people here need to be scared anymore! :-)

As for how ALL vs DEFAULT will act or differ in the future, I suspect that we will end up having them being the same (even when we add bits) as we've encouraged "ALL" in the documentation like this for quite some time.


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