Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> Apparently, ftps is also handled by cURL and most likely requires SSL.
> How about optimizing for the common case and instead of prefixcmp(url,
> "https:")) ask for !prefixcmp(url, "http:")?

I think that is a very sensible way to go.

As to ALL vs DEFAULT, given that its manual page is riddled with a
scary warning:

    This function must be called at least once within a program (a
    program is all the code that shares a memory space) before the
    program calls any other function in libcurl. The environment it sets
    up is constant for the life of the program and is the same for every
    program, so multiple calls have the same effect as one call.  ... In
    normal operation, you must specify CURL_GLOBAL_ALL. Don't use any
    other value unless you are familiar with it and mean to control
    internal operations of libcurl.

I think we should stick to ALL.  So

        flags = CURL_GLOBAL_ALL;
        if (!prefixcmp(url, "http:"))
                flags &= ~CURL_GLOBAL_SSL;

would be the way to go.

But this is assuming that nobody feeds our client a http:// URL to
the server that redirects us to the https:// version (or we do not
follow such a redirect).  I offhand do not know if that is a valid
assumption, though.

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