Hello list,

Greetings !!!

I'm building a git repo on a dedicated server; hence need some kind guidelines 
from you.

[1] the server will have different git repo with branches
[2] there will be a web-based GUI which must be flexible to show just a 
specific branch of a repo based on user authentication
[3] the web-based GUI should also have the flexibility to show a single repo 
based on the authentication
[4] the web-based GUI should have an admin account to supervise and configure 
all repos along with their branches
[3] there must be a control mechanism in the repo/web based GUI which have ACL 
on branches i.e.
some specific users should see some specific/ or just a branch and able to 
commit there only.

based on the above scenario could anyone suggest the best available solution ?
There are many like gitolike/github etc…. but don't know whig one has much 
finer granular
control/ACL/web-based GUI…

Thanks in advanced for your kind response.

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