On 15-Mar-2013, at 6:14 PM, Fredrik Gustafsson <iv...@iveqy.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 05:54:05PM +0530, Joydeep Bakshi wrote:
>> [1] the server will have different git repo with branches
>> [2] there will be a web-based GUI which must be flexible to show just a 
>> specific branch of a repo based on user authentication
>> [3] the web-based GUI should also have the flexibility to show a single repo 
>> based on the authentication
>> [4] the web-based GUI should have an admin account to supervise and 
>> configure all repos along with their branches
>> [3] there must be a control mechanism in the repo/web based GUI which have 
>> ACL on branches i.e.
>> some specific users should see some specific/ or just a branch and able to 
>> commit there only.
>> based on the above scenario could anyone suggest the best available solution 
>> ?
>> There are many like gitolike/github etc…. but don't know whig one has much 
>> finer granular
>> control/ACL/web-based GUI…
> gitolite have a more fine ACL. Check it out. However it doesn't really
> meet your needs with web-interface (and I'm not even sure about the ACL
> thing is fine enough for you). You can read more about ACL in the git
> book: http://git-scm.com/book/ch7-4.html
> The webgui that's most populair is cgit and git-web. They don't do ACL
> afaik.
> Why would you need ACL? Why not don't share the branches that are going
> to be secret? Or are you looking for some branches to be read only?

Actually the branches have to be dedicated to a group of users.
 developer branch ---> developers
bug fixed branch --- > bug fixer 

and specific group don't need to RW permission on other branch.
Obviously the admin must have the full permission on all these branches
and merge as per requirement.

The web-interface is required for checking the history by the users themselves
and for code review. I don't know any web interface which can show repo/branch 
based on authentication. I have tried gitweb but it can handle a single repo or 
repo with single authentication. NO ACL
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