Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
>> --- a/t/
>> +++ b/t/
>> @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
>>  #!/bin/sh
>> -test_description='fetching and pushing, with or without wildcard'
>> +test_description='fetching and pushing'
> I'm not thrilled with the description before or after.  Would it make
> sense to do something like the following?
>         test_description='Tests of basic fetch/push functionality.
>         These tests create small test repositories and fetch from and
>         push to them, testing:
>          * commandline syntax
>          * refspecs and default refspecs
>          * fast-forward detection and overriding fast-forward detection
>          * configuration (insteadOf, pushInsteadOf, [remote "name"] push,
>            etc)
>          * hooks
>          * --porcelain output format
>          * hiderefs
>         '

No.  When I want to add a test for branch.<name>.pushremote, I grep
for branch.*.pushurl, and open files with sensible names; I'm not
going to open up the file and read a long description of what tests it
already contains.  The filename and test headlines are sufficient.
Our test suite is bad enough as it is (inconsistent style, missing &&,
false positives)- I'm against adding to the maintenance burden.
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