Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
>> mk_test() creates a repository with the constant name "testrepo", and
>> this may be limiting for tests that need to create more than one
>> repository for testing.  To fix this, create a new mk_test_with_name()
>> which accepts the repository name as $1.  Reimplement mk_test() as a
>> special case of this function, making sure that no tests need to be
>> rewritten.
> Why not give mk_test an optional parameter?
>         repo_name=${1:-testrepo}
> Oh, it is because mk_test already takes arguments naming refs to push.
> I suppose the change description could make this clearer.

Isn't it obvious?

> Why not use mk_test and then rename, like so?
>         mk_test ...refs... &&
>         mv testrepo testrepo-a &&
>         mk_test ...refs... &&
>         mv testrepo testrepo-b &&
>         ...

No.  This is ugly.  mk_test() should not hardcode "testrepo".

> I dunno.  The helper functions at the top of this test are already
> intimidating, so I guess I am looking for a way to avoid making that
> problem worse.  One way would be to add an opening comment before
> the function definition explaining how it is meant to be used.  See
> t/ for examples, such as test_cmp.

My patch does not make the situation worse in any way: it just adds
one line that passes $1 as a parameter to existing code.  Yes, the
functions and tests can be improved greatly, but I refrained from
doing so because of your series.  We can save it for later.
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