"Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

> Shouldn't Documentation/gitworkflows.txt also be updated with the
> triangular workflow and its configuration?

What is missing from gitworkflows documentation is actually a
non-triangular workflow, where people pull from and push into the
same central repository.

The "merge workflow" part in the "distributed workflows" section

 * fetching others' work from <remote> and merging it to yours;
 * publishing your work to <remote>; and
 * advertising your work.

and it is written for the triangular workflow.

Two triangles are involved.  The maintainer may pull from you but
pushes to her own, which is one triangle, and you pull from the
maintainer and push to your own, which is another.

As to your suggestion, I do think it is reasonable to clarify these
triangles with an illustration, and to even add descriptions for
short-cut configurations as a side note.
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