While proof-reading the user-manual I noticed some issues with 

- There is some outdated, misleading or irrelevant information which might only 
new Git users and should therefore be removed.
- The entries for object, object name and SHA1 lacked a little bit of 
- The glossary contains partial definitions for refspec and pathspec. The 
definition was replaced by a link to the git-push man-page. I also removed the
definition for pathspec but didn't find a single place where pathspecs are 
The glossary surely is the wrong place for a complete definition, but is there 
missing here or is it sufficient to spread the definition of pathspecs to the 
relevant man-pages?

[PATCH 1/3] Remove outdated/missleading/irrelevant entries from 
[PATCH 2/3] Improve description of SHA1 related topics in glossary-content.txt
[PATCH 3/3] Remove definition of refspec and pathspec from glossary-content.txt

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