Thomas Ackermann <> writes:

> -[[def_directory]]directory::
> -     The list you get with "ls" :-)
> -

The text indeed has a room for improvement, but it probably makes
sense to have an entry for `directory` here, as folks who are used
to say "Folders" may not know what it is.

> -[[def_evil_merge]]evil merge::
> -     An evil merge is a <<def_merge,merge>> that introduces changes that
> -     do not appear in any <<def_parent,parent>>.

Which one of outdated, misleading or irrelevant category does this
fall into?  It certainly is not outdated (diff --cc/-c is often a
way to view evil merges), the text defines what an evil merge is
precisely and I do not think it is misleading.  Is it irrelevant?

> @@ -468,9 +452,7 @@ should not be combined with other pathspec.
>       object of an arbitrary type (typically a tag points to either a
>       <<def_tag_object,tag>> or a <<def_commit_object,commit object>>).
>       In contrast to a <<def_head,head>>, a tag is not updated by
> -     the `commit` command. A Git tag has nothing to do with a Lisp
> -     tag (which would be called an <<def_object_type,object type>>
> -     in Git's context). A tag is most typically used to mark a particular
> +     the `commit` command. A tag is most typically used to mark a particular
>       point in the commit ancestry <<def_chain,chain>>.

Even though I personally am slightly in favor of removal, I suspect
that is primarily because I already know what Git tag is, and it is
different from the type tag in the Lisp-speak.

It's similar in spirit why I would prefer to keep `directory` to
help people who speak of "Folders".

Other changes in this patch look OK to me.
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