Thomas Ackermann <> writes:

> While proof-reading the user-manual I noticed some issues with 
> glossary-content.txt:
> - There is some outdated, misleading or irrelevant information which might 
> only confuse
> new Git users and should therefore be removed.
> - The entries for object, object name and SHA1 lacked a little bit of 
> consistency.
> - The glossary contains partial definitions for refspec and pathspec.

Only on the "partial" bit, and not limited to refspec and pathspec.

I think ideally for any key concepts:

 - The glossary should mention what it is and what it is used for;

 - Individual manual pages should mention how it is constructed and
   how it can be used.  To be complete, it may need to start by
   describing what it is and what it is used for, which may have to
   duplicate what we say in the glossary.

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