Junio C Hamano wrote:
> When you are changing information _about_ submodules (e.g. you may
> be updating the recommended URL to fetch it from), you can use the
> usual tools like "git diff" to see how it changed, just like changes
> to any other file.  If the information _about_ a submodule A is
> stored at path A, and at the same time you have a working tree that
> corresponds to the root of the submodule A at that path, it gets
> unclear what "git diff A" should report.  Should it report the
> change in the submodule itself, or should it report the change in
> the information _about_ the submodule?  By separating these two
> concepts to two different places, .gitmodules design solves the
> issue nicely.

git diff-link.  Just turn it into a buffer and diff as usual.
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