Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Once you start recording the latter also at path "A", it becomes
> unclear what "git diff A" should show.
> That is what I said in the message, to which you invented "diff-link"
> as a solution to the "unclear"-ness.

I just thought it would be a stopgap until we get diff to support
links natively.  Obviously, when we get native diff support, 'log -p'
will be able to show differences as well.  As it turns out from my
little experiment with cat-link, it's really easy to get native diff
support, and I'm targeting that directly instead of a scripted

As for the unclearness issue, it's a little more complicated than
that: a non-floating submodule could've previously been a floating
one, or vice-versa.  As of this moment, I'm only planning to show
differences between link buffers.  In the case when two consecutive
commits change a link checkout_rev (where floating is set to 0), we
can come up with something like the current diff.submodule = log.  I
see no cause to worry about the interface of that now.
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